Welcome to my site!

Hi! I'm Greninlucarizardlup. Welcome to my website! Here you'll find quizzes, reviews, a scavenger hunt game, and other Nintendo-related pages.

I'm still working on some new content for the site


Just letting everyone know that I'm still planning on writing new content for this site. New updates should arrive soon. Sorry for not updating the site for a while. I sort of lost interest in running the site for a while.

The best Nintendo 3DS games of each video game genre


I've put up a new page on this site where I mention what I think it the best 3DS game on each video game genre.

I've also updated the AG/DP trivia quiz to add more questions to it. So, feel free to take it again and see what you end up scoring.

And congratulations to everyone who completed the scavenger hunt game on here recently! You've been added to the list of people who've completed it.

Nintendo DS games that could get a remake


I've put up a new page on this site called Nintendo DS games that could get a remake or port. It's a list of games that I think should get either a remake or port on the Nintendo Switch. Of course, if I think of any more ideas, then I'll be sure to update the page.


This is a fan-made website. Nintendo games and series are all owned by Nintendo. Pokémon is owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and TPCI.

All content on this website is owned by me.

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